Drones, underwater recorders and multi-hydrophone buoys for oil and gas exploration

RTsys helps oil & gas companies to make their prospecting campaigns. The use of airgun is common for oil & gas prospection. This is pretty heavy and we provide these companies tools to determine how the noise generated can affect the marine wildlife.


COMET is a cost-effective operational AUV with real-time positioning and acoustic communication system, designed to meet the current needs of marine research and industry.
COMET can operate alone or in a network with surface buoys or vessel. It is also the first AUV able to operate in homogeneous swarm.


RESEA (EA-SDA14 recorder)

Versatile multi-hydrophone recorder, easy to use with high level of performances.

  • 4 synchronized hydrophone inputs
  • Broadband: 3 Hz to 1000 kHz
  • Below seastate zero measurements
  • > 100 dB dynamic range and +/-0.2 dB calibration
  • Multiple operation modes – drift, towed, autonomous
  • Simple configuration accessible by web interface
  • Additional sensors – GPS, temperature, pressure

SYLENCE recorder

Very low-power autonomous underwater acoustic recorder. The most compact and cost effective underwater noise recording autonomous system.

  • Single hydrophone input with variable cable length and sensitivities
  • Up to 192 kHz sampling rate
  • Only 600 mW in recording mode
  • Less than 1 mW in sleep mode
  • Up to 256 GB on SD Card

REMHY (BA-SDA 14 buoy)

Monitor underwater noise information up to 3 km distance.

  • 4 synchronized hydrophone inputs
  • Broadband : 3 Hz to 1000 kHz
  • Below seastate zero measurements
  • > 100 dB dynamic range and +/-0.2 dB calibration
  • Distant access from any PC via web interface

RUBHY (RB-SDA 14 buoy)

Records and sends simultaneously underwater noise and displays in real-time noise information.

  • Radio link up to 10 km
  • Wi-Fi link up to 1,5 km
  • SEL and SPL real-time display
  • Remote access via a Web interface

Hydrophone sensors

RTsys proposes a wide range of hydrophone sensors compatible with their systems. RTsys can advise you to select the best hydrophone configaration adapted to your need.

  • Broadband hydrophones sensors
  • Low sensitive passive hydrophones
  • Below seastate zero hydrophones

EA-SDA software suite

RTsys offers a full software and tools suite for acousticians and nonacousticians to carry underwater noise analysis. It is compatible with all RTsys underwater listening systems :

  • RESEA (EA-SDA14)
  • SYLence
  • REMHY (BA-SDA14)
  • RUBHY (RB-SDA14)
  • TR-SDA14

Tripod – Multi hydrophone structure

Seabed hydrophone structure for EA-SDA14 and 4 hydrophones that can be used for trajectory measurements.

  • Adapted to all type of hydrophone
  • Short & long term deployments
  • Light & easy to deploy
  • Variable sizes and hydrophone distances

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