RTsys sonars and hydrophones for defence and security

RTsys can provide to navies and government equipment to ensure the protection of its coasts and harbors, to train navies to anti-submarine warfare or mine clearance warfare. We can also offer the enhancement of former hull mounted sonar by transforming the analog equipment into digital technologies onboard vessels.

SEMA drone (APV-RT)

SEMA is a light underwater drone, programmable, fast, recoverable, dedicated to Anti-Submarine Warfare training. The drone has advanced acoustic capabilities and responds to users’ needs.

  • Programmable missions
  • Passive, active and combined acoustic modes
  • Magnetic Anomaly Detection
  • Single-man deployement and recovery
  • Reconfigurable in one hour

Sonar AS3I

Improve Old Sonar useabilities and performances without replacing transducers and power part

  • Analog to numercial processing
  • Beamforming up to 72 channels – 156KHz sampling- 24 bits
  • Processing adapted to Sonar type
  • Various active transmission modes (CW, HFM, Combo…)
  • up to 15dB increase of performance Gain
  • Simulation and training capabilities

Hydrophones Network

Sea bottom observatory using Fiber Optic hydrophone network.

  • Synchronisation of up to 72 hydrophones
  • Distributed acquisition
  • Real-time processing onshore

Sonar SIERA (SC-SDA 14)

SIERA offers a solution for the characterization and calibration of underwater acoustic systems (hull-mounted sonars, dipping sonars, towed sonars, buoys, …)

  • Towed acoustic system
  • Maximum operating depth of the towed body : 500 meters
  • Below sea state zero measurements
  • Multi-screen interface with real-time display
  • Industrial or military acceptance trials, transmission level measurements or radiated noise measurements in the far field


SONADIVE assists divers during recognition or object detection missions.

  • Integrated navigation unit (DVL)
  • High resolution acoustic camera
  • Low light video camera
  • Floating removable GPS antenna
  • Integrated chart with georeferenced POI

Need for clarification on...

Oil and gas

Offshore prospecting campaigns.


Research and exploration of the seabed.

Renewable energies

Equipment for offshore structures.