Handheld SonarSonar ImprovementCalibration Sonar SystemAcoustic Sediment Characterizer

Based on our underwater acoustics know-how and partnerships with universities RTsys has designed a cutting edge sonar range of products and especially :

-A portable sonar system for divers SonaDive ® a non-magnetic sonar system for divers, equipped with innovative navigation and communication systems. It helps divers in their search for immersed    objects.

-A system (AS3I) to improve current sonar performances of surface ship without having to replace the Hull Mounted and/or Variable Depth Sonar transducers. AS3I upgrades sonar systems to a high performance numerical sonar system using existing hardware.

-A range of solutions to improve the sonar efficiency such as the SC-SDA14 sonar calibration and INSEA (seafloor characterization).

Handheld Sonar Sonar Improvement Calibration Sonar System Acoustic Sediment Characterizer