Underwater recorders and multi-hydrophone buoys for research and oceanography

RTsys is proud to work closely with universities and institutes. It is essential for our company to have a feedback from the scientific community whose opinion is trusted on the equipment and technologies we have developed. In this context RTsys is involved in many European projects (such as MSFD, JOMOPANS…) in order to provide national authorities the tools to make measurement campaigns adapted to every state’s need.


RESEA (EA-SDA14 recorder)

Versatile multi-hydrophone recorder, easy to use with high level of performances.

  • 4 synchronized hydrophone inputs
  • Broadband: 3 Hz to 1000 kHz
  • Below seastate zero measurements
  • > 100 dB dynamic range and +/-0.2 dB calibration
  • Multiple operation modes – drift, towed, autonomous
  • Simple configuration accessible by web interface
  • Additional sensors – GPS, temperature, pressure

SYLence recorder

Very low-power autonomous underwater acoustic recorder. The most compact and cost effective underwater noise recording autonomous system.

  • Single hydrophone input with variable cable length and sensitivities
  • Up to 192 kHz sampling rate
  • Only 600 mW in recording mode
  • Less than 1 mW in sleep mode
  • Up to 256 GB on SD Card


MULTHY consists of RESEA ( equipped with SDA416 board) recorder connected to a vertical hydrophone antenna.

  • Up to 16 hydrophone inputs
  • Broadband: up to 192 kHz
  • 20 bits
  • Easy to use: intuitive embedded web interface

SYPOD buoy

SYPOD is an autonomous hydrophone recorder buoy which can be mooredor drifted:

  • Equiped with a single hydrophone input
  • Broadband: up to 192 kHz
  • Web embedded interface
  • GPS
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Solar panels
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Options: Iridium, 4G, VHF, Echosounder

REMHY (BA-SDA 14 buoy)

Monitor underwater noise information up to 3 km distance.

  • 4 synchronized hydrophone inputs
  • Broadband : 3 Hz to 1000 kHz
  • Below seastate zero measurements
  • > 100 dB dynamic range and +/-0.2 dB calibration
  • Distant access from any PC via web interface

RUBHY (RB-SDA 14 buoy)

Records and sends simultaneously underwater noise and displays in real-time noise information.

  • Radio link up to 10 km
  • Wi-Fi link up to 1,5 km
  • SEL and SPL real-time display
  • Remote access via a Web interface

Hydrophone sensors

RTsys proposes a wide range of hydrophone sensors compatible with their systems. RTsys can advise you to select the best hydrophone configuration adapted to your need.

  • Broadband hydrophones sensors
  • Low sensitive passive hydrophones
  • Below seastate zero hydrophones

EA-SDA software suite

RTsys offers a full software and tools suite for acousticians and nonacousticians to carry underwater noise analysis. It is compatible with all RTsys underwater listening systems :

  • RESEA (EA-SDA14)
  • SYLence
  • REMHY (BA-SDA14)
  • RUBHY (RB-SDA14)
  • TR-SDA14

Tripod – Multi hydrophone structure

Seabed hydrophone structure for EA-SDA14 and 4 hydrophones that can be used for trajectory measurements.

  • Adapted to all type of hydrophone
  • Short & long term deployments
  • Light & easy to deploy
  • Variable sizes and hydrophone distances


INSEA is an innovative in-situ measurement system for sediment characterization using acoustics. It provides an accurate in-situ information on the acoustic characteristics of the first layer of the sediment, avoiding core-sampling.

  • In-situ measurement
  • Sediment characterization by acoustics
  • Sonar calibration
  • Avoids core-sampling
  • Deployed by divers or with a geotechnical module

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